Sunday, 28 June 2009

Dementia Awareness

Because more people will soon be diagnosed with dementia in the UK it is important that as much information as possible reaches everyone, even those who may think it does not concern them at the present time should be prepared, and also have consideration for those it already affects. The number of dementia sufferers is increasing and it already affects 700,000 people in the UK. The number affected is estimated to reach one million by 2021 and is expected to increase more than threefold in the next fifty years.
There are over 100 different types of dementia and it does not only affect the elderly, many thousands are young people under the age of 65. Anything that helps dementia sufferers helps those who are caring for them. Carers are already overwhelmed and their situation must not be overlooked.

Prince Charles warned that Britain faced a “catastrophic” burden from dementia in the future and welcomed plans to raise awareness of the condition.

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Friday, 26 June 2009

Mental Problems Among the Homeless UK

It is very difficult for people who do not have any mental problem to understand just what a nightmare it is for those that do, it is like living in a world apart from everyone else and with very little if any help for them from anyone. Having had experience working among the homeless in the UK I found there are many who have mental problems, and there are very few who have received the help they needed, without going into detail I suggest that instead of complaining about them some people with time on their hands do some volunteer work with the homeless and find out for themselves, not all are layabouts, and with the recession there is bound to be an increase. People who have genuine mental, and behavioural problems, or difficulty getting over a bereavement, or have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own find themselves in a catch 22 situation, you can’t get a job without a place to live, and you can’t get a place to live without the money a job brings in. Services and support are too scarce. Anyone who thinks it is that easy to pull themselves up by their bootstraps go try it and don’t forget you should to be going through a mental trauma at the same time, and have no safety net to fall back on. The right services and support must be found and soon

For those going through this trauma difficult though it is you can succeed, be strong you can do it, and please remember you are not a failure unless you give up.

Homeless UK

“Through every adversity and heartache there is a seed of strength given which grows through Divine love to help us prevail, to understand, and know we are not alone.”
Pamela V Hall

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Dormouse

My daughter who lived in a country area used to have a cute Dormouse who visited her quite regularly; it was left undisturbed to wander where it willed and was sadly missed when it returned to its habitat. Dormice are very tiny just slightly bigger than a harvest mouse, and sleep three quarters of the time and are more active at night. They hibernate between October and April in the UK, and their preferred food is nectar from flowers, insects, nuts, and some fruits, they can live up to five years if food is plentiful and they are left undisturbed, They have a bushier tail than other mice and curl up into a tiny ball to sleep, they are usually found in hedgerows and woodland, and build their nests in trees, thankfully these cute little creatures are a protected species and work is going on now in the UK to help them survive.

This video shows how cute and beautiful they are

Information on Dormouse and harvest mouse

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Children encouraged to Snoop

Local authorities in the UK are encouraging children aged 7 to 11 years old to spy and report people who are noisy neighbours, those who put their rubbish out on the wrong day, and littering. The children are shown how to write down number plates which could be used in criminal prosecutions, and some are given handheld computers equipped with global positioning devices to photograph wrong doers without being seen. Primary schools could also be involved within the next two years.
Shouldn’t we first be teaching our children not to do the very things they are encouraged to report before giving them this responsibility? There are bullies that will be delighted.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Beware of the Wheelie Bins

Beware of the wheelie bins folks! In certain areas of the UK people are being swamped with them, not only are they blighting the beauty of neighbourhood environment as many rows of them are placed in front of what once were well kept terrace houses with neat gardens, which is not exactly a tourist attraction!. Those who have little room in their small gardens and out on the pavements are now left with a tiny space difficult to get by as a box is needed for paper, cans bottles and foil in another, and the rest of their rubbish in a plastic bag on the edge of their property. Wheelie bins and the amount of rubbish are very difficult for elderly people to manage and some only have fortnightly collections. Spy bugs have been fitted to wheelie bins, and dustmen in Wiltshire have been told not to move wheelie bins at all if they couldn’t pull them with two fingers. The councils are being pushed to recycle more and to persuade residents to produce less rubbish by the EU’S Recycling Directive 1999
I agree with recycling as much rubbish as possible but there definitely needs to be a better way to be found than is expected of people at present. Do read the Daily Mail and see what you can do about it.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Beautiful Little Creatures

Well we can’t be miserable all the time!, but I can never understand why anyone would want to turn to mediocre entertainment when there is so much beauty around us to be enjoyed, nature is a wonderful thing, and it’s free, it is both sad and criminal to see it destroyed. Animals are sentient beings and need our love and care, and we owe so much to those who work to preserve them. One of these enchanting creatures is the otter who wild life experts and conservationists are helping to survive. There are many reasons why these beautiful otters have become endangered which are by pesticides, road accidents, even traps and worse as some regard them as vermin. Thankfully holts are now being built for the otters in the UK to encourage them before they become extinct, nature is adept at taking care of it’s own if only humans did not interfere, all creatures deserve their space, we should not rob them of it, or destroy them for our own benefit a way should be found for us to live in harmony. One of my favourite films is Ring of Bright Water, I hope anyone who hasn’t seen it enjoys it as much as I did.

Otters holding hands (who says God never had a sense of humour)

Ring of Bright Water

Monday, 15 June 2009

Who cares!

We are living in serious times so it is impossible for me to ignore things which not only affect my own life but the lives of many, it also enables me to add something to the pattern of life we all create. I began my free website to bring attention to the plight of carers of all ages who take care of the elderly and disabled, also to spur everyone on to recognise things on the future horizon particularly in the UK, and possibly elsewhere, also to give hope and remind all of the strength faith brings, along with peace of mind.
This will all now be updated on my blog from time to time. In the news now we are told that there is a 20 Billion pound shortfall in the NHS and in 3 years there will be no money left it really makes you wonder where the 87 Billion pounds per year that the carers saved the UK went to. It is a diabolical insult to injury to find out that while carers suffered with no help and no payment for caring for loved ones at home, MP’s were using tax payers money for home helps, gardeners etc, Everyone will feel the recession in one way or another and it is obvious that the carers, elderly and disabled who have been ignored in the past will be even lower down the scale for help now.
Consider that even food and drink is considered medication and that doctors have a legal right to withdraw it this is scary is it not.

There are reports in the news and media that elderly people have already died of starvation due to lack of attention, this is horrendous and would not be allowed for it to happen to an animal, if this is what it is like now what are the chances of a dignified death in the future. Did you know that £286 million marked for end of life care is spent by trusts on other priorities? Changes have to be made and soon, if anyone has any ideas how improvements can be made in the NHS I will be pleased to hear them.

Now it is being considered that the elderly could be asked to pay an inheritance levy of up to £12,000 to help fund care in old age, this is to be paid on retirement or deducted from the estate on death, and it is not sure how many years of care people would be entitled to, too many people are taking advantage not contributing, or saving, and still expect to have their nursing bills met by the tax payer. Anyone considering saving during this recession should beware of what could be another stealth tax. Money can be found for bankers, and missiles etc. Tony Blair said no one should have to sell their homes to pay for care. I am sick of MP’s excuses and greed, aren’t we all!!!