Tuesday, 25 August 2009


When our life is threatened, or the life of someone we love and it is a life or death situation, and it is caused by someone else’s negligence, hate, or any other reason, forgiveness is extremely important no matter how difficult it may be.
We should know how important forgiveness is for those who have caused the pain and also forgiveness for ourselves for any thoughts of vengeance that come to mind. When feeling the severity of our pain it is for our own well being emotionally and physically to forgive for forgiveness heals us, and everyone we come into contact with.

“Forgiveness is a precious gem
Sewn into our garment of life
Reflecting pure Love”

Pamela V Hall

Sunday, 23 August 2009

Most people learn, some maybe not in this lifetime!

The older we all get it is heartening to realise most of us do improve with age, not only gaining in knowledge but in common sense, an opposite example of this is that recently in the UK a pensioner aged 99 years old was arrested by police on suspicion for allegedly being in possession of weapons and being equipped for stealing. However nationally pensioners are only responsible for about 2,000 crimes per year out of a total of several million, the sooner we all learn the better, the imagination boggles if we don’t.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Getting to know Gypsies

It can be very rewarding to make an effort to learn about Romany gypsies. The Roma are a race whose diverse culture is ancient and interesting. It is said they have no religion but for sure they have very strong individual beliefs. The roof of their church is the sky and they have lived unfettered by walls beneath it for many thousands of years, although some have become integrated they are among the least integrated people in the world, not all are non literate and many have become famous and respected. It is sad that in general it is mostly detrimental things that are reported in the news, surely the first thing that is needed for any civilized community to do in order to live in harmony is to understand and educate, and in order to understand it is necessary for everyone to learn, and respect each other.
Problems occur when councils do not give enough attention to where they allow some travellers to settle, but gypsies should have a right to settle if they want to and are willing to abide as responsible residents, and lawful citizens.
There has been much in the news recently about travellers being given preferential treatment such as being given first priority regarding their treatment on the NHS, in my opinion who ever has the most serious condition at the time should be first to receive treatment who ever they are, (I would not leave a seriously ill or injured animal to die by the roadside even though it hadn’t paid taxes) but who will make a sensible decision regarding priority as there are many thousands of us now in need of help and priority in health, housing, education, and work. While the bungling UK government are sorting out the recession and the crisis we are in it is important that everyone has tolerance and patience with each other and with people of all races and cultures, difficult as it may seem it is possible if we all act as compassionate human beings, for that is what we all are human beings.
Kusti Bokt

lLink for Romany roots, and Romany stories, also
I found the video on this link Kushti Atchin Tan good to watch


“Human nature good or evil, Dark or light, everyone has a choice it is an excuse to say there will always be those who will choose evil because even if there are it is the majority that count and the majority that will win, it is up to every individual to choose good if not everyone is a loser”
Light be with you
Pamela V Hall

Some Light entertainment, Gypsy Dancers at Rainbow Gathering.