Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sorry Folks not all of us had it so good!

Make sure you all begin and carry on the fight for justice in 2011, everyone has a story be wary this could also very easily become yours.

The 12 Days Of Cripmas is a topical take of a classic carol listing the benefits and services currently being removed from disabled people in Britain.


The lyrics were written by a user of the Ouch messageboards, sent to Where's The Benefit and the track produced and directed by BendyGirl of The Broken Of Britain. We're all incredibly proud of Imana our 11 yr old singing star who is a child carer for her mum who has Multiple Sclerosis. Please share this track everywhere and let's see if we can get it some national media attention!
Thanks, Kaliya aka BendyGirl

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy New Year 2011


May love, light, peace and joy waltz into all your hearts in 2011 (hug)

Another year has passed, bad memories put to rest,
The good ones holding promise keep safe unto the breast,
If not all that has been said has not been duly done,
Be thankful for a new year when more progress can be won,
What ere man’s inhumanity to man has been the costly sum,
Another chance is here again to fight for better things to come,
May the voices of the angels rally those who care,
To make this world a better place in which we all can share,
Righteousness and love for all not just for the favoured few,
Universal love and kindness will build a kingdom that is new.
Pamela V Hall

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shortfall of Over 20,000 Carers in UK now

It is well to remember that there is already a huge shortfall of carers in the UK now and it is no surprise that the figure will rise dramatically to a shortfall of 250,000 family carers by 2041

It would be wonderful if by remembering the true meaning of Christmas if family and neighbours would decide that as well as of spending money on celebration in order to forget for a short while things they would prefer to forget, and spending money on gifts that may possibly lead to debt, that everyone would do an act of kindness for the elderly, disabled, and those in need without asking for payment, as Jesus said “If you do it for the least of these you do it unto me”

It is true that financial payment should not be expected to be given to those who give freely from their heart to those they love and care for, but it is essential that all carers in this world should be in circumstances that enable them to live in order to give, “We are not always given what we want but what we need in order to grow” all carers need to live and survive to be able to do that and the UK government are not providing the means.

Those who are wealthy and comfortable may regard themselves as winners and the rest as survivors, or losers, rich or poor it is the survivors who are the winners in the end it is vital how we choose to be one. All our bodies eventually become dust and it is our choice to leave behind only good energy to remain and continue, as good and bad always reaps what it sows.

Make the meaning of Christmas count and be at peace and enjoy, for inward peace lasts, happiness and unhappiness doesn’t. May life smile on you all with good health and strength and many heaven sent blessings now and in the new year.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Are we Allowing Ourselves to be used as Guinea Pigs?

Meat and milk from cloned animals has now been cleared for sale in the UK without safety checks. The Food Standards Agency ruled the food is not a danger to health and does not need special labelling; this is happening worldwide, meat can now be sold in the UK without safety checks, in spite of high levels of miscarriage, organ failure, and gigantism among clones. There seems to be little concern of possible dangerous steps towards inhuman factory farming. Caroline Spelman Environment Food and Rural Affairs secretary has rejected a ban on the sale of food from clones or their descendants, and her department also opposes labelling denying people choice. Many are afraid about eating cloned food because of concerns that there has been far too little research to guarantee its safety. Even if it tastes good do we have to consume it and trust to luck? We have all been given from the beginning of time the gift of choice, the right to choose, if we are not given that right to choose do we not then become a bunch of robots? How can we know without adequate research what physical effect this will have on us and our children in the future, are we to wait until a period of time has lapsed and when it is too late to realise that there are bad the effects on us and our offspring because not enough research was done, please! Consider the animals suffering an RSPCA spokesman said “Cloning has huge potential to cause unnecessary suffering and distress that cannot be justified by purely commercial benefits Peter Stevenson Chief Policy Advisor to Compassion in World Farming rejected the claim that it was too late to stop clone farming and food, He said “Yes cloning is with us but we are still at a stage where it is possible for us as a society to say we don’t want it on animal welfare grounds. The FSA’s line is an utter scandal, it is bogus to say clone animals cannot be traced, The FSA is betraying it’s founding principle of representing consumer interests.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

UK Government Manipulation by Stealth

Mr Cameron now states that he intends to spend 2 million pounds of tax payer’s money on getting government statisticians to measure what makes people happy. The Behavioural Insight Team led by economist David Halpern claim that they will find intelligent ways to encourage people to make better choices for themselves, it will build on the ‘Mindspace’ report commissioned by the previous labour government. This looked at ways of changing people’s behaviour by influencing not just what they consciously think but also by influencing their automatic processes- cues from the subconscious, from the behaviour of people around them, and from emotional situations that affect their decisions. This is frightening! Ministers say public well being increases if people are given the impression that they control their lives. Ministers by manipulating choices will then give people the impression that they are in control of the choices they are making.
Cass Sunstein President Obamas regulation czar an ultra-left radical with seriously anti-democratic ideas has advocated that the government should secretly feed apparently independent commentators with information in order to dupe the public into believing such government propaganda because it purports to be the commentators own opinion. Beware, why is David Cameron taking notice of ideas from such a source?

Please read Melanie Phillips full article in the Daily Mail

Link Ministers still claiming and exploiting

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Mental Illness

Little or nothing has been done in the last fifty years to improve mental health in the UK. There are new labels for mental problems some we never heard of years ago and an incredible increase in forms of depression, addiction, and personality disorders. New drugs maybe helpful to some patients and electric shock treatment is still available. Anyone who has had electric shock treatment knows it is not pleasant and has side effects which include short loss of memory and headache, sometimes severe. Although this may well have proved to have good results in some cases surely there has to be less barbaric treatments in this day and age for successful results. Expediency is not the answer and even if cut backs and under funding maybe responsible the person suffering is most important and should have the attention and correct treatment and medication that is best for them.
There are very often those who would benefit greatly from group therapy and more provision should be made available both for the patient and those who care for them. Waiting lists for treatment should be cut to the minimum as no one should have to beg for help as I personally know some have had to. Meanwhile many people with mental problems, plus addiction are living with their family, or worse still on their own. There are those being cared for at home by families, or a family carer who are inexperienced, they are not psychiatrists, trained psychologists, or mental nurses and have a great responsibility with little or no outside help. While more patients are now allowed to live at home or in outside accommodation it is important that more help is given to carers of the patient and to the patient themselves now or the consequences of having more mentally ill people in the community can only be of further concern in the future.
The carers at home are coping with an unstable situation because of some patient’s unpredictability and find it difficult to always get the help at the time when it is needed; this should not be ignored till it is too late. This is yet another priority that should be top of the list for the health of the nation.


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Carers Continually ignored

Not so long ago it was being considered that carers should be paid £110 per week for their valuable work which saves the government £86 billion pounds per year, now because of the terrible financial state the last government left us with it seems unlikely that carers will get the payment they so desperately need and deserve. When will everyone realise that until the carers of this world are put first nothing of significance will ever be lasting, it is those who put others needs at least equal or above their own instead of greed that change for all humanity will build a world society fit for all to live in.

It is good news that NICE has now made available the drugs costing two pounds fifty a day for those in the early stages of dementia, any medical advances are hugely welcome with regard to helping these sufferers bearing in mind that there will be an increase of many thousands of these sufferers of dementia and Alzheimers in the future, it also follows that what ever progress is made thousands of carers will also be needed many of whom are middle aged parents, also grandparents who having brought up and cared for their children and now find themselves also giving caring help for grandchildren at which time also due to us all living longer find their own aging parents in need of caring help. Because of the great burden placed on middle aged carers and grandparents the great- grandparents are then in a situation where one aged great-grandparent is left caring for their aged partner or one or both have to be placed in a care home many of which are being closed down, or are still unsuitable, or substandard such as was reported in the Daily Mail that at Parkside House 5 elderly people died of neglect in two weeks.
Daily Mail Dignity for the Elderly

We are left now with so many important priorities in society to be considered it is difficult to choose which should come first. Those who care should always come first, not greed or those who say I’m alright jack why should I care bout you. The Coalition government must pay attention to this now before the continual ill health of carers at home caused by being ignored drop from exhaustion or die as one in five are already doing so now, too soon who will be left to care for anyone.

Friday, 10 September 2010

World Alzheimers Day 21st September 2010

Everyone should be made aware of the increasing numbers of people suffering from Alzheimers and the urgent need for governments and the general public to take action and improve the help for people with dementia and their carers. Everyone should unite and make the effort as it is vital to act now before there are increased numbers in the future. Remember this does not just affect the life of the person suffering from this disease but also their carer’s life, and their families lives too. There are avenues where by the general public can bring awareness to this situation and people should certainly do so now and not later, help and take part in the activities and walks this World Alzheimers day September 21st 2010 and make it a day when everyone cares.

Please remember that Dementia can also affect younger people not just the elderly, about one in a thousand under 60yrs have what is called early onset, and although rare it can affect people in their 30’s 40’s and 50’s. There are about 16,000 people in Britain under the age of 65yrs who have Alzheimers,

Support service for younger people with Alzheimers- UK

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Charging Pensioners Unjust Death Tax R.I.P, OFF

When labour first proposed charging pensioners a £20.000 death tax the conservative government campaigned hard against it yet in spite of them depicting it as an R.I.P OFF they have now decided to revive it. Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley has now appointed an independent commission to consider a compulsory charge of £20,000 to fund nursing care to be paid on retirement or on death. This means that thousands could have to sell their homes and would cause grievous injustice to those who have worked hard all their life, paid their taxes and saved for their old age, while the poorest will still have costs paid by the state. Hundreds of thousands of people who care for their families would be hit twice over; people who have given their lives caring for loved ones will be expected to pay for care they never received. This is a monstrous injustice.

Because the Tories and Lib Dems failed to agree after they entered the coalition they have had to establish an independent commission. Mr Lansley said “experts on the board would not be fettered from discussing any option including the contraversional levy”
If as Downing Street says David Cameron does not support a death tax why are the Tories changing their tune? Neil Duncan-Jordan of the National Pensioners Commission said “it is a betrayal and for political expediency” which in my opinion must be pretty obvious to all. Please read article

We all know that after considering every option a FAIR and JUST decision must be reached and the people must see to it that it is and not just an easily broken promise. The money must come from somewhere but it is time to stop taking advantage of the good and vulnerable people in our society. These people have paid their taxes, have given, do give, and will continue to give what they can afford, but they should not be regarded as stupid. There are hundreds of ways to cut costs and save money during this recession and to penalize those who are the backbone of society is not the way. If pensioners, the elderly, and disabled are seen as has beens or useless, and their carers who have already saved the government billions of pounds treated as doormats everyone will deserve a greedy and non-compassionate society so whatever scheme is come up with it had better be honest, fair, and just. There are many millions of pounds still being squandered, and tax payers money still owed by the banks. Find the money elsewhere and make that a priority before penalizing those who do not deserve it. Then it may become a land fit for heroes.


Monday, 5 July 2010

What is it Going to Take to Wake People up to the Continuous Plight of Carers

Most people will agree that it makes us all feel good to be needed and that we are doing something helpful and useful. A team of American researchers led by Dr Michael Paulin of the University of Buffalo analysed behaviour and well being among just 73 spousal carers and found that carers experience fewer negative emotions when they engage in active care such as feeding, bathing, toileting, and general physical caring for a spouse, however the variable that did affect outcome was the level of perceived inter-dependence- the extent to which carers viewed themselves as sharing a mutually beneficial relationship. Dr Paulin added overall we wouldn’t say that caring for an ailing loved one is going to be good for you or healthy for you, but certain activities maybe beneficial, especially in high quality relationships, however Dr Paulin said it is extremely important that care takers receive the right kind of help at the right time- perhaps less time off from active care duties and more time off from the onerous task of passively monitoring an ailing loved one. The study was published in The Journal Psychology and Aging

I have already mentioned in my blog the onerous task of passively caring at home for loved ones particularly those with mental problems including dementia which has and still is being continuously overlooked by the UK Government along with many other aspects of care that carers at home are giving full time at the expense of their own health. I must repeat yet again this is a full time unpaid job and thousands who are doing it are in their 70’s and over. We all expect pain during this recession but carers have been experiencing it for many years and also the taken for granted attitude of Government to allow carers to work incessantly till they drop. Even now the UK Government has not done anything like enough for carers at home. More early diagnosis is being encouraged for those with dementia and figures are expected to rise dramatically. I wonder when not only the Government but all people are going to wake up and see the big picture before it is too late and there are more genuinely mentally ill and disabled people and fewer carers. As the Bible says we cannot live on bread alone, (neither can we live on love alone) for heavens sake cut the non jobs and pay carers at home what they are worth. All people should support this for the sake of our families, loved ones, and everyone else, and for our nation as human beings who care for one another, let it be known, see your MP now.

Greed has gone far enough NHS managers are reducing frontline care despite a Government pledge to maintain health budgets. The NHS is still recruiting thousands of workers for non jobs. More than 7,200 posts were advertised on the NHS central jobs website such as a sustainability officer to actively implement energy saving initiatives for £40,157 and several trusts are advertising for a change facilitator on £34,189

Scrap The Equality and Human Rights Group within the department and its entire countless support staff. Why not go back to the people and ask their permission to reduce NHS spending?
Please read the full article on this link

See this link- scandalous

May all the winging MP’s quibbling about the money they stole from the tax payers jump up and bite their top lip

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Monday, 14 June 2010

Good News, Nothing is Impossible Even if the Odds seem Against You

Please read this as it is of worldwide concern how many countries this polypropylene mesh is used in.

What the UK Government is saying about readmissions in the UK... Example ... the patient has surgery, then the consultants have to ensure you are fit to be discharged from hospital, then if any complications occur within a month after discharge they will get paid by the Government... BUT... if the patient has to go back after this deadline, anything after this month allowance for additional treatment the hospital has to pay. So in effect, they will definitely think twice about putting in these medical devices as they KNOW we will be admitted continuously for years, this is why it has been such a money spinner for them in the past, the Government used to pay for each readmission no matter how many times the patient was admitted, NOW the Government only pays for the first month after discharge. Considering everyone who faces TVT or any other medical device using Mesh will have continuous health problems I feel sure they will now stop using them and will give alternative treatments ie colopsuspension even though surgery time and recovery is longer and more expensive to begin with, there is no continuous health problems unlike using MESH.

Unfortunately this does not entirely help those who have already had polypropylene mesh already inserted and have been suffering for years. My daughter’s life has been ruined and the effect on her marriage to a good husband and family is devastating along with many other women and men who have had this mesh inserted. My daughter has worked tirelessly in spite of great health difficulties to help people in the UK and worldwide. Please support her website TVT MUM as there is still much work to be done to help both women and men who are suffering some who do not realize what is causing it because they have not been told. TVT mum is the only website in the UK for further information and help.

More news regarding what the FDA in the USA are doing about this Mesh to follow later.

Further news FDA- Very Important please read and watch the videos


God Bless you all


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Genetically Modified Frankenstein Foods

It is very important that everyone asks themselves if they definitely want Genetically Modified foods. This needs serious consideration and it is ridiculous to accept that there are no risks; I suggest that it is to everyone’s benefit to explore, and examine the scientific information available before accepting what could escalate into unimaginable serious consequences unless the public know all the facts about the effects on humans, animals, and nature itself, and who will benefit the most.
Everyone should acquaint themselves with GM foods information and demand the right to necessary reliable labelling of them everywhere and have the decency to provide consumer choice, those who sit on the fence about GM foods are doing humanity and nature a disservice for it affects all of us.

Genetically Modified potatoes have now been introduced in the UK despite public opinion. There are already GM products on supermarket shelves.


Tuesday, 8 June 2010

The Coalition Government in UK Slow on Fulfilling Their Promises to Carers

Are the coalition government in the UK slow on fulfilling their promises to carers because carers are so bogged down with responsibility, lack of time, and bad health that they do not have any strength left, therefore it seems to be considered that carers are and will be unable to acquire fair justice?. Why are carers still waiting?

We have all been told that everyone will feel pain due to cut backs, does the coalition government and everyone carer or not realise that carers have been feeling great pain for many years. Carers have always done their best and are still doing so in extremely difficult circumstances and need everyone’s support who ever and whatever their own difficulties are.

Carers need the support of everyone young and old; to ignore carer’s rights is to reap a careless and heartless future. Carers have learned to have a great deal of tolerance and patience. Carers understand that no matter how much money anyone has that both happiness and unhappiness are fleeting emotions neither lasts. They also know that love and the inward peace that grows from caring does last and endures; this should not make them doormats to be trampled on, or an after thought. They should be made a priority by the government now.

This is a horrendous problem in the UK and also worldwide Carers must make their plight known universally; and protect themselves because if they do not they know humanity will suffer the consequences.
EDM signatures
Urgent, Please contact your MP and get them to sign this


Friday, 28 May 2010

Less Money and More Power to Councils

Now that the coalition government have decided to give more power to UK councils and less money to work with it is important that stringent watch is kept on what the results of this will be in different parts of the UK. We all know what a post code lottery is and the affects this has had on many people in various areas of the country, one example being the access to drugs for cancer and Alzheimer’s patients. There have been some grievously bad decisions made by some councils that have been reported in the newspapers and media, and certain bullying tactics, spying and unfair threats of prosecution by any councils should be stopped immediately.

I have already mentioned on my blog how children are being encouraged to spy on neighbours. Now bin men are being given Blackberry mobile phones to spy on householders and get evidence of crimes such as putting general waste into recycling bins. The Blackberries will also be used to spy on the bin men themselves. This is a £1.75 million deal with Vodafone Biffa working for 25 local authorities. Warden bin police can hand out on the spot £100 fines to anyone who puts their bin out too early and anything that the council considers an environmental crime (It seems no matter how small)

Whatever recycling targets councils have to meet targets should never come before compassion and common sense, or any other targets they have to meet either with regard to anything.

Spying of any kind does not promote neighbourliness or genuine concern for others. There are so many examples where tax payer’s money can be saved. Another being the £1.4 million being given to British scientists to find out why children and teenagers leave their lights and televisions switched on. This is supposed to help to cut the energy consumption of children and teenagers, surely parents can be educated enough to control this. There are far too many examples for me to list here, and thousands of people I am sure who could list better and more sensible ways to save taxpayers money.

I love our Mother Earth and we need to clean up, it is how the means to do it is implemented that needs careful consideration. We need solutions to many things; people who are not afraid should come forward with their ideas and make sure they are discussed fairly and sensibly in high places.

Some that have I have been sent…….

Instead of bin police, why not get those who have been sentenced to community service not just to collect the rubbish but to sort it out at the tip, (many partially sighted, and elderly people are easily confused by the number of different bins)

Make an effort to control excess packaging at the source, everyone knows how much waste there is, just look in the supermarkets.

Make better progress in stopping all the junk mail pushed through our letter boxes.

Not as easy as it sounds when there are those making money out of it! No excuses please.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Now The UK Election is over

Now The UK Election is over

Because of the UK elections I have not posted very much till now because as everyone knows things have been pretty hectic here, and it is obvious it is going to take some time for organisation and stability in government, to date this is as yet a short note to keep in touch as it is early days with regard to any attention or concern being paid to social care, and elderly over worked carers as usual. Let everyone remember that united we stand and divided we fall.
I must say I agree with David Cameron that everyone now should put more emphasis on giving and this is how it should be though I would like to add without taking unfair advantage, this has gone on far too long regarding elderly carers who are in ill health themselves due to caring for loved ones at home for many years without consideration and fair acknowledgement.
It is totally bewildering why although a question was submitted about social care and carers during the political debates on television it was ignored and seemingly not considered important enough.

Now the election is over David Cameron and Nick Clegg must give this their urgent attention and give us reason to have confidence, all carers are the foundation society is built on, and David Cameron and Nick Clegg must assure the most vulnerable people in society now that those who are elderly and infirm, those suffering ill health, mental or otherwise, and those who care for them that the funding will be there for support and financial security.

“Friends are an aid to the young, to guard them from error, to the elderly, to attend to their wants and to supplement their failing power of action; to those in the prime of life, to assist them to noble deeds”


Friday, 16 April 2010

Which Priority Comes First in the UK?

The first election debate on ITV 1 will perhaps encourage more younger viewers to vote and hopefully everyone will have a long term vision into the future. More political politics and less personal politics are needed for everyone to make the most sensible decisions. There are a lot of things that need to be said before the UK election, with so many important issues to consider. What priorities should come first when there are so many and how should they be put into practise.

I am still concerned about the thousands of carers described by David Cameron as the unsung heroes and heroines which in deed carers are, the suggestion that they should all have a one weeks respite(per year?) does little to ease their burden. The suggestion that carers should be entitled to budget their own money is a good idea, but what money? When elderly carers are supposed to be retired they are still working extremely hard caring for loved ones at home and are not paid any money at all for the vital work they do, it is time for the emotional blackmail to stop, carers cannot live on love alone, it is adding insult to injury relying on their compassion and voluntary help to all society to say there is not enough money when they have saved the government 87 billion pounds per year for many years, in fairness carers should be a top priority now.

Many unemployed relatives, and young people would be more willing to stay at home and care for their loved ones if their caring was considered the difficult work that it is and paid for accordingly, plus there should be courses to enable them to do so, and laws to prevent anyone taking unfair advantage. This would encourage families and others to have more love and respect, and help to keep the elderly and disabled in their own home and not have to sell their houses to cover costs, or go into a care home, plus enable people to pay taxes.
I apologise for repeating myself but when is someone going to listen and do what is right.

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and please check out this valuable link and support carers

Sunday, 4 April 2010


We are here to give help and support for all suffering from post operative surgery involving themedical device transvaginal Tension Free Tape (TVT), involving polypropylene synthetic mesh for hernia's, prolapse, stress incontinence, bladder and bowel disorders.

Please would you contact this site if you have had this TVT surgery using polypropylene synthetic mesh.We are interested to hear of your experience's of this surgery and the after effects please contact TVT Mum



Also you can visit here to read real stories on this dreadful TVT Sling Surgery

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Regarding Carers- Caring for those with Mental Disabilities

Anyone caring for a loved one at home suffering from a mental disability knows that whatever mental problem the patient has their moods can fluctuate and their and actions can be disruptive and sometimes extremely difficult to cope with.
Nurses are required to have a degree in their nursing profession yet thousands of carers who have full time responsibility caring at home for their loved ones who have a mental illness are at a loss having neither a degree in mental nursing nor an adequate means test regarding the patient’s behavioural problem. Although this can be difficult to assess individually because behaviour can vary dramatically in individual cases there is no excuse to ignore any individual suffering from mental illness or carer who needs help.

Due to cost cutting in the UK those with only the severest physical disabilities can receive help at home, it is now imperative that those who are mentally ill are given a fair assessment, and their carers given the consideration they deserve, does the NHS think that they are going to conveniently disappear, or are these carers many who are elderly going to be expected to get a degree and work up to 24 hours a day till they drop.

Dementia affects the frontal lobes of the brain and can cause severe personality problems it is a mental illness and should be treated as such even though the patient maybe physically capable in other ways. Much more attention must be given to all those who are mentally ill and those who care for them at home; whoever wins in the forthcoming election in the UK this must be one of the first priorities.

Millions of pounds earmarked to give Britain’s unsung army of carers vital short-term breaks is being plundered by the NHS to plug holes in health budgets, a shocking 80 percent of a 50 million pound package has been creamed off by primary care trusts before it reaches hard pressed carers who work round the clock to help loved ones to stay at home.

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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Quantum Evolution (Kindness and Compassion)

I can think of no better aim than to encourage and develop much needed compassion and wisdom for all races and cultures in our world today.

Music and art are a great healing experience and the Quantum Evolution website offers the opportunity to find out how wonderful this can be, an inspiring website who also support The Foundation for Developing Compassion and Wisdom a non-profit organisation whose aim is helping children, youth and adults of all cultures and traditions to develop their innate capacity to be kind and wise, and contribute to peace in the world.

Please also click on

Friday, 26 February 2010

Social Workers Month March 2010. Love them or Hate them

Looking forward to Social Workers month march 2010, anyone who wants to become a social worker should begin by sincerely wanting to be in a position to help people in the best possible way. There are however too many examples reported in the media where social services have failed. Maybe it is because there are those who unfortunately see their work more as a career than a vocation which neither helps anyone who probably desperately needs it, or attracts the right kind of social worker. Most try to do their best and find in many cases it is not easy.
Everyone has their own ideas and it can be difficult if the good ideas presented by social workers in the field with personal contact with their cases are ignored by those in authority above them which can lead to bad decisions being made. I have had experience of both good social workers who are excellent, and the bad that are truly horrendous. The responsibility and power that those working in social care have is enormous, lives can be helped or completely destroyed, and we all want the best social workers who we can trust in the job. It is certain that there are going to be changes in the UK in the future and we must all make sure that good social workers know what their work entails and are able to follow through to get the best reliable results for anyone that needs help what ever their individual circumstances are.
To those social workers who are successfully doing good work God Bless you.

To those who are not whether you believe in poetic justice or not what goes around comes around it could very easily be you.

There are people in positions of authority in all walks of life who are taking advantage of the vulnerable and being paid unfair and obscene amounts of money. Those who are in positions of care doing so should be ashamed, it is up to every one of us to make the choice to do what is right and make sure in what ever way we can where ever we are to expose, reject and depose those whose work is more than questionable.
The only way to change things for the better is to always think and act with compassion.

Khyra Ishaq

Yet again where were the social services

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Thousands of needless deaths in UK

1,200 needless deaths at one hospital in UK, one family lost four loved ones within 18 months her grandmother, sister, uncle, and six day old baby, and no one is being blamed or brought to answer for it. Staff were bullied to meet targets all because Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust put government targets and cost cutting ahead of patient care and the failed boss walks off with a £1 million pension pot, six months salary and a possible£400,000 pay-off. Some patients were left without food and water for days, filthy wards, and a catalogue of bloody things enough to make you think this has got to be a nightmare this is worse than diabolical.
Please read- link

Consider also that almost 50,000 NHS patients per year are dying while suffering from malnutrition in hospitals in England; in general the elderly are treated as second class citizens. There is no excuse for food to be left out of reach or taken away before they have time to finish what ever Health Minister Phil Hope said when defending the government’s record!

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lost innocents, Immigrant Home Children

2010 year of the British Home child, some people may be wondering who a British Home child is. Try to imagine being a very young child from an impoverished background being offered the opportunity to have a wonderful life and live in a land where the sun always shines, even though it meant leaving their mother, father, sisters, and brothers behind. These children some of them orphans, even street children were horded up under the child migration scheme founded by Kingsley Fairbridge in 1869 and sent to live in a foreign land, some were even taken without their parents knowledge, 150,000 children over a period of 350 years, this practice lasted right up until the late 1960’s, and far from being the promised land when they arrived these children found themselves no more than slaves working as servants in households and doing farm labouring work, being abused with no one who cared. Some so cruelly treated many committed suicide, to find out more about these lost innocents click on the links below, There are now still thousands still searching for their lost families so I am giving some links here that may help.

(Sadly Minister Jason Kenney issued a statement that Canada will not be apologizing to child migrants.)

British apology

Australian Apology

God Bless you all

Monday, 1 February 2010

Council Snooping, Using Children Again

The councils in UK backed by the Dept of Health are now being allowed to snoop using children as young as five years old who are given a form to fill out about the intimate details of their home life, not content with handing out handheld computers equipped with global positioning devices to photograph wrongdoers without being seen to children aged 7 to 11 yrs old (see my post June last year) forms will now be sent out to 200 schools across the country, and other councils are monitoring the scheme closely. The questions ask about junk food, how much water they drink, television habits, family time, whether they eat breakfast or not,, and how they get to school, children are asked to colour in questions on how much fruit they eat compared to crisps and fizzy drinks, and even if they like themselves or not. Hundreds of life-style quizzes have been handed out in an attempt to build a picture of individual households. Results are stored on a data-base allowing families deemed to be at risk to be referred to social services or doctors, do you trust this?

Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch described it as an unbelievable intrusion into private life he said “The state does not bring up children parents do. There is an important distinction between teaching and nannying- or even bullying and this steps way over the mark”

The questions follow guide lines set by NICE and the NHS regulatory body. Civil liberties campaigner Josie Appleton of The Manifesto Club said “Councils and schools should concentrate on providing everyone with a good education, and should keep their nose out of children’s lunch boxes and away from the family dinner table”

Much as I regret to see the lax attitude in the way some parents regard the parental upbringing of their children, and the way obesity has become a problem I agree some parents need educating, but to use children in this manner to snoop is totally wrong, how can children grow up to love and respect their parents when they are asked to do such things, who are the state and the councils trying to brainwash and control here?

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Why People are Caring Less for the Aged in UK

Why people are less concerned about the elderly in the UK today is not surprising considering the changes that have occurred in our society over the past decades and the problems we face in 2010, sadly background upbringing has eroded slowly over the years for many reasons with most people taking a more relaxed attitude towards values that were once considered important for everyone’s welfare.

I could not explain the reasons for the incredible indifference and couldn’t care less attitude towards the elderly and mentally incapable better than the article by Melanie Phillips in The Daily Mail Nov 18th 2009 I urge everyone to read it again and bear it in mind as the forth coming election approaches.
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What Happens When a Carer Drops Dead

It should be obvious to everyone that if a sole carer who is caring for a loved one at home dies suddenly when there is no help or support and lies undiscovered for days that their disabled loved one then left without their carer will suffer terribly and certainly die horrifically too.

It comes as no surprise to me that this tragedy which I have been warning everyone about on healingspur for the past three years would happen if elderly carers at home were not given the help and attention they desperately need. There are thousands of hidden carers many who know that when they seek help they are given a pass the buck attitude and then ignored, no wonder that the elderly become recluse and afraid to let their situation be known. When there are no relatives to help even if there are kind neighbours as reported in The Daily Mail today 13.1 2010 regarding the dreadful deaths of Derek Randall 76yrs his wife’s sole carer despite not being able to lift her, and his disabled wife Jean 79yrs who was doubly incontinent and unable to walk. Surely it would not be too much to ask the authorities to take notice of a neighbour’s request for help for the couple, it is an outrage that when Heather Footitt neighbour phoned Age Concern helpline she was rudely told not to intervene and more or less told to mind her own business.

The accusation against Britain’s largest Charity for the elderly emerged as Northamptonshire County Council claimed the Randalls had been visited by The Health and Social Services staff throughout December and beforehand, if that is so why was nothing done and they were left to die in the freezing cold with a single bar heater and only the gas rings on the cooker to heat their house. There is no excuse for this. We can only hope that Health Minister Mike O’Brian not only investigates this matter but bears in mind that something sensible and fair must be done for all carers as a priority because if not this will happen again.

If you know of any elderly person, or persons on their own please at least ask if they need help and let it be known in whatever way you can, as a society we should not allow children, or the elderly to suffer.

The unusual extreme weather in the UK has encouraged some people to help each other during the heavy snowfall, and cope with the icy roads and pavements, it is a good sign that what ever happens in the future we can all work together when needs be, don’t just think about it, do it.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Second Week Into 2010, GM, and Grey Goo!

I do not begin the new year 2010 worrying about the future but with great concern for everyone near and far, as we approach the future there is a growing recognition of an insidious apathy that has enveloped the majority who have put their trust in those in power and authority who have instigated laws and decisions for their own advantage. It is good that there is now hope as we realise that by working together we can change things for the better, it is a choice everyone has to make regarding all that we can do to help to change what ever is wrong be it large or small, even those things in our personal lives count. It is important to prioritise our health for it is obvious we can do nothing without it. There are amazing and wonderful advances being made in medicine today but of little use if we are unable to benefit from them, and much more research is needed in areas that concern all of us.

Recently reported is the decision now being made to introduce a massive expansion of GM foods into the UK, and those that contain nanoparticles, as yet there is no guarantee that hi-tech products are to be labelled as containing nanoparticles –microscopic compounds that can worm their way into the brain, liver and kidneys with unknown consequences. We most certainly do have a right to know what is being put into our bodies, it is also our responsibility and imperative for us all to aquaint ourselves to what will undoubtedly affect ourselves and our children for generations to come.


Become conversant to the two sides of the debate

Nanos Grey Goo in Food

This is a great song till the last word, cry maybe, but never say die.
That’s life Frank Sinatra


Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010, There is Hope

I would like to start this New Year 2010 with some good news that chases away any dark clouds that may seem to be on the horizon in our lives, what ever adversities we may face in what may appear to be a bleak future it is good to remember that it is our decisions that will help to create a better world, how we live our lives in a good, righteous and just way through the bad times is what will bring balance to all. The outcome is victory for humanity and our beautiful Planet Earth. Everything we face with courage and faith to achieve this is worthwhile for ultimately the news is good not bad, nothing good and necessary to creation was ever created to be destroyed it is as infinite as our universe and those beyond, look to the stars and be grateful for everything. We can learn so much from nature and the best film to begin 2010 with which shows how success can be achieved by working together is this one, enjoy and a very happy and successful new year to everyone.

May we take care of our families, each other, and our habitat