Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Sorry Folks not all of us had it so good!

Make sure you all begin and carry on the fight for justice in 2011, everyone has a story be wary this could also very easily become yours.

The 12 Days Of Cripmas is a topical take of a classic carol listing the benefits and services currently being removed from disabled people in Britain.


The lyrics were written by a user of the Ouch messageboards, sent to Where's The Benefit and the track produced and directed by BendyGirl of The Broken Of Britain. We're all incredibly proud of Imana our 11 yr old singing star who is a child carer for her mum who has Multiple Sclerosis. Please share this track everywhere and let's see if we can get it some national media attention!
Thanks, Kaliya aka BendyGirl

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy New Year 2011


May love, light, peace and joy waltz into all your hearts in 2011 (hug)

Another year has passed, bad memories put to rest,
The good ones holding promise keep safe unto the breast,
If not all that has been said has not been duly done,
Be thankful for a new year when more progress can be won,
What ere man’s inhumanity to man has been the costly sum,
Another chance is here again to fight for better things to come,
May the voices of the angels rally those who care,
To make this world a better place in which we all can share,
Righteousness and love for all not just for the favoured few,
Universal love and kindness will build a kingdom that is new.
Pamela V Hall

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Shortfall of Over 20,000 Carers in UK now

It is well to remember that there is already a huge shortfall of carers in the UK now and it is no surprise that the figure will rise dramatically to a shortfall of 250,000 family carers by 2041

It would be wonderful if by remembering the true meaning of Christmas if family and neighbours would decide that as well as of spending money on celebration in order to forget for a short while things they would prefer to forget, and spending money on gifts that may possibly lead to debt, that everyone would do an act of kindness for the elderly, disabled, and those in need without asking for payment, as Jesus said “If you do it for the least of these you do it unto me”

It is true that financial payment should not be expected to be given to those who give freely from their heart to those they love and care for, but it is essential that all carers in this world should be in circumstances that enable them to live in order to give, “We are not always given what we want but what we need in order to grow” all carers need to live and survive to be able to do that and the UK government are not providing the means.

Those who are wealthy and comfortable may regard themselves as winners and the rest as survivors, or losers, rich or poor it is the survivors who are the winners in the end it is vital how we choose to be one. All our bodies eventually become dust and it is our choice to leave behind only good energy to remain and continue, as good and bad always reaps what it sows.

Make the meaning of Christmas count and be at peace and enjoy, for inward peace lasts, happiness and unhappiness doesn’t. May life smile on you all with good health and strength and many heaven sent blessings now and in the new year.


Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Are we Allowing Ourselves to be used as Guinea Pigs?

Meat and milk from cloned animals has now been cleared for sale in the UK without safety checks. The Food Standards Agency ruled the food is not a danger to health and does not need special labelling; this is happening worldwide, meat can now be sold in the UK without safety checks, in spite of high levels of miscarriage, organ failure, and gigantism among clones. There seems to be little concern of possible dangerous steps towards inhuman factory farming. Caroline Spelman Environment Food and Rural Affairs secretary has rejected a ban on the sale of food from clones or their descendants, and her department also opposes labelling denying people choice. Many are afraid about eating cloned food because of concerns that there has been far too little research to guarantee its safety. Even if it tastes good do we have to consume it and trust to luck? We have all been given from the beginning of time the gift of choice, the right to choose, if we are not given that right to choose do we not then become a bunch of robots? How can we know without adequate research what physical effect this will have on us and our children in the future, are we to wait until a period of time has lapsed and when it is too late to realise that there are bad the effects on us and our offspring because not enough research was done, please! Consider the animals suffering an RSPCA spokesman said “Cloning has huge potential to cause unnecessary suffering and distress that cannot be justified by purely commercial benefits Peter Stevenson Chief Policy Advisor to Compassion in World Farming rejected the claim that it was too late to stop clone farming and food, He said “Yes cloning is with us but we are still at a stage where it is possible for us as a society to say we don’t want it on animal welfare grounds. The FSA’s line is an utter scandal, it is bogus to say clone animals cannot be traced, The FSA is betraying it’s founding principle of representing consumer interests.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

UK Government Manipulation by Stealth

Mr Cameron now states that he intends to spend 2 million pounds of tax payer’s money on getting government statisticians to measure what makes people happy. The Behavioural Insight Team led by economist David Halpern claim that they will find intelligent ways to encourage people to make better choices for themselves, it will build on the ‘Mindspace’ report commissioned by the previous labour government. This looked at ways of changing people’s behaviour by influencing not just what they consciously think but also by influencing their automatic processes- cues from the subconscious, from the behaviour of people around them, and from emotional situations that affect their decisions. This is frightening! Ministers say public well being increases if people are given the impression that they control their lives. Ministers by manipulating choices will then give people the impression that they are in control of the choices they are making.
Cass Sunstein President Obamas regulation czar an ultra-left radical with seriously anti-democratic ideas has advocated that the government should secretly feed apparently independent commentators with information in order to dupe the public into believing such government propaganda because it purports to be the commentators own opinion. Beware, why is David Cameron taking notice of ideas from such a source?

Please read Melanie Phillips full article in the Daily Mail

Link Ministers still claiming and exploiting