Saturday, 29 January 2011

When is the UK Government Going Give Justice-

For heavens sake when are the UK government going to give justice to carers and the elderly, how many times do so many thousands of people have to plead to be noticed. The government are supposed to work for the people, not the people work for the government as so many thousands of carers have been doing for far too many years without enough help or fair payment,. It is said full training on how to cope with dementia should be given to all home care workers. Thousands have given up their jobs and lives to care for their relatives with dementia, and thousands who are retired and elderly themselves are devoting long and arduous hours to caring for loved ones again without fair payment or enough help. One in two carers is also at risk of stress, depression and other serious illnesses because they have to struggle without support, what the government have offered is far too little to the point of being a disgraceful insult to humane national interest.

It is imperative that everyone reads this article link below now and everyone realises not only how many people are suffering but just what do they think the future is going to hold for them as they get older if something just and reasonable is not done now before it is also too late for them and they are in the same situation as reported in this article. Please read it the years go by quicker than some think, it takes everyone to pull together on this not just sit in a state of apathy about it, and make sure any council cut backs do not unjustly fall on the vulnerable.

Read this today........ Our dementia shame: Alzheimer's failings force 50,000 into care homes

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Nebuliser Machines in the UK

For those who need a nebuliser machine it is sometimes difficult to get one quickly or find information where to buy one. Anyone with severe asthma or Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease- COPD know how vital this can be particularly if for some reason their machine breaks down and they need to buy a replacement quickly. There are nebulisers that can be loaned out but they seem to be in short supply, also little information where there are maintenance facilities for their machine in an area where they live. The best information I could find from hospital, clinic, and chemist pharmacy when I caught a bad infection which severely affected my asthma and I needed a nebuliser quickly was to look on the internet. Unfortunately not everyone has the internet, and there are many young and elderly people without it, which is why I am giving this useful UK link together with phone number where anyone needing a nebuliser machine can buy one which suits their needs as there are many different types, they will find excellent help and prompt delivery.

If the shortage of nebuliser machines are due to government cut backs think of the time and expense incurred of calling a doctor out or the patient ending up in hospital or worse because there is no machine or information available where to acquire one.
For those with COPD in the UK and do not know you can ask your doctor to arrange a free telephone call from the Met Office who will give you climate information in advance so you can be prepared and be sure to have the correct medication ready.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Please add Your Support to this Call

Will the future for carers take us back decades? Please add your support to this call on the govt to issue a statement. Forward to your contacts, email your MP and ask for a comment. Send it to groups/charities. Time is running out and we must fight this now.
Carer Watch call upon the Coalition Government,to recognise the ESSENTIAL role that Carers play in the running of our society and to make a statement regarding the future of Carers Allowance So what lies ahead for family carers? Families providing care are a necessity and as the number of elderly increases and medicine breakthroughs continue, many people with illnesses will live longer…and the country will rely even more on the foundation that family carers provide. Carers are a group of people who provide a vital service, yet governments past and present have taken them for granted, have taken their Love for granted. We cannot, and must not, allow this to continue 2010 witnessed failure after failure by the Coalition government to address the needs of carers. Before the election carer issues were high on the agenda and even included in TV Party Leader debates, but as soon as the election was over carers once again became invisible. For far too long the issue of Carers Benefits has been swept under the carpet, put on the back burner by past and present governments. Now we are facing a climate of severe cuts with all the implications for the Local Authorities. But the greatest threat to carers comes from the reform of the benefit system. Will carers be protected or lost in the drive to cut back welfare. Now we have the proposal of a Universal Credit . The Coalition as yet has given no concrete details as to their intentions regarding carers’ benefits. Carer Watch have great concerns that Carers Allowance could be targeted as a benefit to be subsumed in the UC. Research in to the history of the carers’ movement shows us the battles undertaken by many women and their supporters to gain full recognition and identity for carers. Carer Watch believe that the Coalition must keep carers benefits separate from the main system. We feel that any move by government to transfer carers to a Universal credit will take the carers movement back decades. We need to raise our voices now and make them aware of our feelings and our anger that they are not addressing these issues with great urgency. Therefore, Carer Watch call upon the Coalition Government, to recognise the ESSENTIAL role that Carers play in the running of our society and to make a statement regarding the future of Carers Allowance. Please add your support

Friday, 7 January 2011

Shame on the UK government 2011

Shame on everyone who does not address and support the cause to help carers young and old today, too many people are ignoring this situation at their peril, does anyone think that tragedy cannot strike them at some time in their lives when they least expect it.

Would anyone like to see their young children end up being their carer, there are over a million child carers in the UK and thousands more not yet known about, one in twelve children are already carers with responsibilities far beyond their age with tasks they should never have to shoulder, such as bathing and administering medication and injections, cooking, cleaning, and taking care constantly of parents and family they love day and night, what chance do these children have of a decent education when at least two thirds of schools have no idea about the horrendous situation these children are in, How many of them have any time for homework or to think about their future.

Parents feel guilty and afraid to go to social services for help in case their children are taken away from them. It is a post code lottery depending on where they live as to how much help they can get and the UK government are letting charities take the brunt of the work that they should be doing. Shame on them, do their children go to bed worried, afraid, tired, anxious, desperate, and depressed. This cruelty will continue and get worse unless people who are not yet experiencing this do something about it and get in touch with their member of parliament to get them to act with compassion and justice now.

Child Carer’s Plea- on behalf of all child carers

On a street not far away,
or in a distant land,
a child’s cry echoes hauntingly
“Please come and take my hand,
my life is full from dawn to dusk
my work is never done,
little time to play a game
or rest and have some fun,
yet though my days can weary me
I know it’s meant to be,
for without me my mother
could not cope you see,
she is stricken and disabled
bearing pain both day and night,
without complaint she tolerates
and hugs me very tight,
I need no one’s pity
love makes it all worth while,
the sun it shines upon us both,
and makes us both to smile,
together we are happy we are
given Strength along the way,
but my cry is a very sad one
and is this to you today,
there are thousands of young
children who are caring just like me,
responsibility beyond our years
is obvious to see,
remember us in your prayers help
us when you can,
to lose our childhood daily
was not in God’s plan,
do not look down on disablement
or abject poverty,
for it is us who will save the world
from it’s misery,
take my hand and follow me support
child carers everywhere,
we are the brightest future which
you all can share,
give us your sincere love
on your daily track,
and with your compassion please
give us our childhood back.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

The Broken of Britain

Perhaps now our politicians have enjoyed their expensive festivities of New Years Eve they will now pay attention to this.