Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Bad News or Good News

For several years I have brought to attention not only things that were happening in the UK and the world but I have also pointed out how much worse they would get. Now practically all that is in the newspapers and media prove that this is the case, and the sad fact is that thanks to those ostriches who bury their head in the sand, in one way or another it will get even worse because of apathy. If no one takes notice and makes the effort to right what is wrong in their own life and make a stand for those who are even worse off than themselves bad things will escalate, it is all very well to take a break and join in with whatever entertainment is going to relax, forget and not take any notice but none of us can afford to ignore that not only must changes be made by government but also by all people in order to prevail against the odds.

There is nothing we can do about acts of God which will happen as the terrible tragedies of earthquakes and tsunamis etc strike, but thankfully there are those who heroically do what ever they can to help those affected by these catastrophes, and who do make a practice of helping anyone in sickness or difficulties as much as they can, unfortunately the majority of these good people are the ones most taken advantage of. Everyone should look into their heart and ask why these good people are all too few in the world and why they are in general the ones who suffer the most. It is of little use for me to go on repeating myself when everything is made obvious in the national news which is available to all, eyes are beginning to open all over the world and like it or not it should be everyone’s choice to be courageous and do what is good and right, I doubt then there would be as many tragic acts of God that we sorrowfully have to learn from. It is my belief that with the technology and scientific gifts we have, and all that is happening in the world we are living in the most important days since Jesus Christ walked our earth if we waste them we are wasting ourselves. We need to work together with courage and unafraid of those who are negative and destructive whether they are in positions of power or those who are daily around us. We can do it, and those who persevere and act with faith and kindness for the good of all as well as for themselves will inevitably win. It is up to all of us to turn bad news into good.