Saturday, 9 July 2011

Early Diagnosis for People over the Age of 65yrs in UK

In two years time it is hoped that all people in the UK will be diagnosed for the symptoms of dementia. Considering there is a tremendous increase of people in the future expected to be suffering from dementia I wonder where the increased number of carers needed to care for these people are going to come from. Those who are elderly and caring for loved ones at home may then have dementia themselves that is if they are not already suffering serious illness due to stress which is now happening. Families are already under strain are all these new carers who are going to be needed and are also untrained be expected to train as unpaid carers and continually be expected to do this out of emotional blackmail for a pittance and very little help, or none as is happening now, is it not sensible to put the needs of carers before an explosion of patients suffering from dementia occurs, without the numbers of carers needed and sensible help provided there is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Already Britain has just one Carer per 100 pensioners the lowest figure anywhere in the developed world, and what ever reforms are made to social care funding, the elderly could still be left with bills running into thousands.

There should be no need for the government to make the most vulnerable in society suffer when there are other ways to cut costs which are evident by the many flagrant ways those who do not deserve the help and whose needs are less have help heaped upon them, and the many cost cutting ideas that have been suggested and publicized in the press which have not been taken any notice of.

Please read these facts of cruelty

It is wonderful that there are facilities now being provided for respite breaks; keep fit and social activities for the elderly but the opportunities and help to take advantage of these facilities are still unavailable to many thousands who need them because of lack of help for them to do so, and the future looks extremely bleak for the elderly and their families unless action is taken for fairness for those who do deserve it now.