Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mental Health

There are many different conditions recognized as mental illness and it requires the collaboration of all parties involved across the board for the progress of treatment and care within the mental health system for the good of every sufferer, and those who care for them. These days stress levels are very high due to the many problems people have to face; it is not surprising that numbers will increase. Mental illness is not something that shows physically but which is suffered within and not always noticed by those they come into daily contact with, neither is the burden which is placed on the loving partner or carer whose health is also at risk, neither must be overlooked, will the government please note, I wonder! And will those who are fortunate enough not to have experienced this realise that one in four will experience mental illness during their lifetime, it is important for families, neighbours, and society to have and show compassion and help, I am sure there are many who will identify with this video