Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Not a Good Start For The Elderly 2012

Half way through the first month of January 2012 I cannot say it has been a good beginning for me considering that my 87yr old husband was admitted into hospital on Boxing Day, and my youngest daughter was admitted into the same hospital on a different ward at the same time, it was proved to me that the treatment of both had marked differences as my daughters treatment was excellent, but I had good reason to verbally complain to my husband’s nurses and the ward manager about his treatment, out of respect to my husband I will not go into the embarrassing details here except to say that what is reported in the newspapers about the disgusting treatment of the elderly in hospital is true having had experience of my husbands treatment recently.

Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has said “It will often be in the best interests of dementia patients to be treated at home”. Many thousands of family carers who are elderly carers themselves like me in their 70’s, and 80’s and who are also suffering ill health themselves while caring for a partner or relative could definitely do with much more help than is now available to enable them to give the dementia patients the nursing, physical, and mental care needed in order for them to remain at home.

Now the elderly have to suffer insults and bullying by those who propose that elderly home owners who have paid their taxes and worked a lifetime to pay for their homes should move out of their family home and get shoved by councils into other housing, as Saga’s Ross Altmann said “ It is outrageous social engineering” despite paying their taxes and being thrifty all their lives the elderly may now have to free up the equity in their homes to fund care while those who have squandered their money or lived off the state will get their care free. Every year 20,000 pensioners have to sell their homes to pay for residential care, would it not be fairer for the funding to be out of general taxation like the NHS.

Why have people been blind as to what has been happening over a number of years and led to this situation as I have so often pointed out on my website-
Everyone must take responsibility including the government. In my opinion how can we dictate to other countries about human rights when this and so many wrongs are happening here in the UK everyone should put their house in order globally.