Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Diabolical Treatment of the Elderly in UK Care Homes

When are the UK government going to do something about the quality of care in our care homes for the elderly where so many elderly people are being treated worse than animals? There are far too many managers of these homes putting greed before care, under staffing, bad training and the total lack of compassion is a disgrace to the UK, are the many elderly vulnerable people in the UK being looked on as collateral damage during this recession, do they have to go to the wall while the government mess about making excuses before doing something humane, we can only guess, meanwhile those who are losing their loved ones in unforgivable circumstances in these places grieve. People are not blind they see what is happening and realise their own tenuous future is not that far off, beware all those who can afford to turn a blind eye for they will soon become outnumbered.
The gap between young and old has been widening for decades, why not bring elderly people into the classroom where questions can be asked and answered and views shared, this is done for racial intergration why not for the elderly in the UK and everywhere else.

Elderly treated like animals read this and weep

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Friday, 2 March 2012