Friday, 28 December 2012


When are the government going to stop breaking their promises to the elderly and taking diabolical liberties with their lives and health, or even consider the strain on their carers. David Cameron backed the £35,000 cap on fees and now the elderly face paying £75,000 per person, this does not cover the cost of bed and board, food or heating which costs a further £7,000 to £10,000 a year. Residents would have to pay this on top of their care fees, total cost towards £200,000. I wonder what incentive this is giving to young people to work, save, or care, what example are the government giving. Just one of many examples is the disgraceful number of bureaucrats on six figure salaries across Whitehall the numbers of which are going up as there is a 50 percent rise in staff being paid £100,000 which the tax payer pays in full. Please read on the links- A Chilling vision, or warning I am sad to have to publish this so close to 2013, and to all those to whom this may affect I send my best wishes that they remain positive and strong. Please remember we are made of the same stuff as the stars and may blessings abound for all my friends. More news about me in the New Year.

Friday, 14 December 2012

We Must Become a More Compassionate Nation

Please read this article on the link below and remember the many elderly people spending Christmas in loneliness and isolation with a very bleak 2013 to look forward to.