Monday, 11 March 2013

Loyal Friends Old and New

To my loyal friends old and new, and all of those who have followed me for the past seven years as there has been no new additions to my website for quite some time and my circumstances have changed and most that is on my website is now old news apart from useful links. For the time being from now on I will occasionally only continue with my blog Lifes-mosaics where I will occasionally transfer and repeat some things from carers-healingspur together with new additions as they occur, and endeavour to cheer everyone up during difficult times in the UK and worldwide. Most things that are mentioned on my website have now already come to pass and although the future still looks bleak for a multitude at least people are now more aware and realising that changes for the better must occur, it is worth it for all those who are suffering to stand firm together and work hard by keeping faith to achieve what is right then those in power and otherwise who do evil things will find themselves outnumbered, it is time to smile, continue to persevere with love and kindness to each other. Look upward to the stars and trust the Divine. Barnaby is not Worried Animals are amazing their instincts and tactics for survival teach us much, we are animals with choice and higher intelligence. Dogs are wonderful faithful companions who see and trust us as gods while they are here. They and other animals and creatures are wonderful therapy too. Barnaby a Chihuahua is an elderly senior now sadly in ill health and has been a therapy dog for 10yrs with no status or accolades, he has put a smile on countless people’s and children’s faces and sends the same to you today.