Friday, 26 February 2010

Social Workers Month March 2010. Love them or Hate them

Looking forward to Social Workers month march 2010, anyone who wants to become a social worker should begin by sincerely wanting to be in a position to help people in the best possible way. There are however too many examples reported in the media where social services have failed. Maybe it is because there are those who unfortunately see their work more as a career than a vocation which neither helps anyone who probably desperately needs it, or attracts the right kind of social worker. Most try to do their best and find in many cases it is not easy.
Everyone has their own ideas and it can be difficult if the good ideas presented by social workers in the field with personal contact with their cases are ignored by those in authority above them which can lead to bad decisions being made. I have had experience of both good social workers who are excellent, and the bad that are truly horrendous. The responsibility and power that those working in social care have is enormous, lives can be helped or completely destroyed, and we all want the best social workers who we can trust in the job. It is certain that there are going to be changes in the UK in the future and we must all make sure that good social workers know what their work entails and are able to follow through to get the best reliable results for anyone that needs help what ever their individual circumstances are.
To those social workers who are successfully doing good work God Bless you.

To those who are not whether you believe in poetic justice or not what goes around comes around it could very easily be you.

There are people in positions of authority in all walks of life who are taking advantage of the vulnerable and being paid unfair and obscene amounts of money. Those who are in positions of care doing so should be ashamed, it is up to every one of us to make the choice to do what is right and make sure in what ever way we can where ever we are to expose, reject and depose those whose work is more than questionable.
The only way to change things for the better is to always think and act with compassion.

Khyra Ishaq

Yet again where were the social services

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Thousands of needless deaths in UK

1,200 needless deaths at one hospital in UK, one family lost four loved ones within 18 months her grandmother, sister, uncle, and six day old baby, and no one is being blamed or brought to answer for it. Staff were bullied to meet targets all because Mid Staffordshire NHS Trust put government targets and cost cutting ahead of patient care and the failed boss walks off with a £1 million pension pot, six months salary and a possible£400,000 pay-off. Some patients were left without food and water for days, filthy wards, and a catalogue of bloody things enough to make you think this has got to be a nightmare this is worse than diabolical.
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Consider also that almost 50,000 NHS patients per year are dying while suffering from malnutrition in hospitals in England; in general the elderly are treated as second class citizens. There is no excuse for food to be left out of reach or taken away before they have time to finish what ever Health Minister Phil Hope said when defending the government’s record!

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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Lost innocents, Immigrant Home Children

2010 year of the British Home child, some people may be wondering who a British Home child is. Try to imagine being a very young child from an impoverished background being offered the opportunity to have a wonderful life and live in a land where the sun always shines, even though it meant leaving their mother, father, sisters, and brothers behind. These children some of them orphans, even street children were horded up under the child migration scheme founded by Kingsley Fairbridge in 1869 and sent to live in a foreign land, some were even taken without their parents knowledge, 150,000 children over a period of 350 years, this practice lasted right up until the late 1960’s, and far from being the promised land when they arrived these children found themselves no more than slaves working as servants in households and doing farm labouring work, being abused with no one who cared. Some so cruelly treated many committed suicide, to find out more about these lost innocents click on the links below, There are now still thousands still searching for their lost families so I am giving some links here that may help.

(Sadly Minister Jason Kenney issued a statement that Canada will not be apologizing to child migrants.)

British apology

Australian Apology

God Bless you all

Monday, 1 February 2010

Council Snooping, Using Children Again

The councils in UK backed by the Dept of Health are now being allowed to snoop using children as young as five years old who are given a form to fill out about the intimate details of their home life, not content with handing out handheld computers equipped with global positioning devices to photograph wrongdoers without being seen to children aged 7 to 11 yrs old (see my post June last year) forms will now be sent out to 200 schools across the country, and other councils are monitoring the scheme closely. The questions ask about junk food, how much water they drink, television habits, family time, whether they eat breakfast or not,, and how they get to school, children are asked to colour in questions on how much fruit they eat compared to crisps and fizzy drinks, and even if they like themselves or not. Hundreds of life-style quizzes have been handed out in an attempt to build a picture of individual households. Results are stored on a data-base allowing families deemed to be at risk to be referred to social services or doctors, do you trust this?

Alex Deane of Big Brother Watch described it as an unbelievable intrusion into private life he said “The state does not bring up children parents do. There is an important distinction between teaching and nannying- or even bullying and this steps way over the mark”

The questions follow guide lines set by NICE and the NHS regulatory body. Civil liberties campaigner Josie Appleton of The Manifesto Club said “Councils and schools should concentrate on providing everyone with a good education, and should keep their nose out of children’s lunch boxes and away from the family dinner table”

Much as I regret to see the lax attitude in the way some parents regard the parental upbringing of their children, and the way obesity has become a problem I agree some parents need educating, but to use children in this manner to snoop is totally wrong, how can children grow up to love and respect their parents when they are asked to do such things, who are the state and the councils trying to brainwash and control here?

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