Friday, 28 May 2010

Less Money and More Power to Councils

Now that the coalition government have decided to give more power to UK councils and less money to work with it is important that stringent watch is kept on what the results of this will be in different parts of the UK. We all know what a post code lottery is and the affects this has had on many people in various areas of the country, one example being the access to drugs for cancer and Alzheimer’s patients. There have been some grievously bad decisions made by some councils that have been reported in the newspapers and media, and certain bullying tactics, spying and unfair threats of prosecution by any councils should be stopped immediately.

I have already mentioned on my blog how children are being encouraged to spy on neighbours. Now bin men are being given Blackberry mobile phones to spy on householders and get evidence of crimes such as putting general waste into recycling bins. The Blackberries will also be used to spy on the bin men themselves. This is a £1.75 million deal with Vodafone Biffa working for 25 local authorities. Warden bin police can hand out on the spot £100 fines to anyone who puts their bin out too early and anything that the council considers an environmental crime (It seems no matter how small)

Whatever recycling targets councils have to meet targets should never come before compassion and common sense, or any other targets they have to meet either with regard to anything.

Spying of any kind does not promote neighbourliness or genuine concern for others. There are so many examples where tax payer’s money can be saved. Another being the £1.4 million being given to British scientists to find out why children and teenagers leave their lights and televisions switched on. This is supposed to help to cut the energy consumption of children and teenagers, surely parents can be educated enough to control this. There are far too many examples for me to list here, and thousands of people I am sure who could list better and more sensible ways to save taxpayers money.

I love our Mother Earth and we need to clean up, it is how the means to do it is implemented that needs careful consideration. We need solutions to many things; people who are not afraid should come forward with their ideas and make sure they are discussed fairly and sensibly in high places.

Some that have I have been sent…….

Instead of bin police, why not get those who have been sentenced to community service not just to collect the rubbish but to sort it out at the tip, (many partially sighted, and elderly people are easily confused by the number of different bins)

Make an effort to control excess packaging at the source, everyone knows how much waste there is, just look in the supermarkets.

Make better progress in stopping all the junk mail pushed through our letter boxes.

Not as easy as it sounds when there are those making money out of it! No excuses please.

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Now The UK Election is over

Now The UK Election is over

Because of the UK elections I have not posted very much till now because as everyone knows things have been pretty hectic here, and it is obvious it is going to take some time for organisation and stability in government, to date this is as yet a short note to keep in touch as it is early days with regard to any attention or concern being paid to social care, and elderly over worked carers as usual. Let everyone remember that united we stand and divided we fall.
I must say I agree with David Cameron that everyone now should put more emphasis on giving and this is how it should be though I would like to add without taking unfair advantage, this has gone on far too long regarding elderly carers who are in ill health themselves due to caring for loved ones at home for many years without consideration and fair acknowledgement.
It is totally bewildering why although a question was submitted about social care and carers during the political debates on television it was ignored and seemingly not considered important enough.

Now the election is over David Cameron and Nick Clegg must give this their urgent attention and give us reason to have confidence, all carers are the foundation society is built on, and David Cameron and Nick Clegg must assure the most vulnerable people in society now that those who are elderly and infirm, those suffering ill health, mental or otherwise, and those who care for them that the funding will be there for support and financial security.

“Friends are an aid to the young, to guard them from error, to the elderly, to attend to their wants and to supplement their failing power of action; to those in the prime of life, to assist them to noble deeds”