Friday, 29 May 2009

Incontinence information

This is important information regarding what should have been a simple operation, and what happened to a healthy mother after she had it done, the result of which her life is now wrecked, she would like to encourage and help others, both men and women in the UK who have had this same devastating post operative result to come forward. Quote
“Before I had this TVT implanted to supposedly cure my stress incontinence I had a career a full life, I lived a healthy lifestyle, the problem I had was stress incontinence which I was told could be corrected using the Tension Free Vaginal Tape Sling by Gynecare. My Gyny at the time of my consultation used these words to me and I quote...It is a simple operation, an overnight stay; you will be a new woman! very different to what actually happened to me”.
This website has been created purely to give help and support to both men and women who have had the medical device TVT Sling, synthetic polypropylene mesh for hernia’s, prolapse, stress incontinence and bladder disorders, if you are seeking answers or maybe just want to share your experiences please register on the message board. We are here to give you comfort and to let you know you are not alone, we can help each other through this very difficult time coping with daily life after being harmed by these medical devices, we are not here to give medical advice in any way.
Please register on TVT forum if you want to give help and support and share your story

Reason to be grateful

Because of the current situation in the UK regarding MP’s expenses and forthcoming elections many important issues are being put on a back burner in the UK, it is difficult to know who to trust to push through what is most important, or get priorities in correct perspective. Thousands of people who are finding themselves in severe conditions caused by the recession may for sure take heart in the fact that many things are now continually coming to light. Countless wrongs are happening all over the world including wars. The biggest war of all is the war between positive light and negative darkness that is good versus evil. We are all being given a wake up call to which we must respond, and rejoice in what is being brought to light and share the strength, courage, righteousness and love it brings with it.
When people are fighting for justice and are up against powerful and wealthy people who make their own rules for themselves and are in a position to break them at will, and do so with impunity while putting in place a different set of rules which are unfair to the majority of those they are morally and duty bound to serve and protect, it is time to stand firm for justice. It is never worth taking advantage of others at the expense of honour and integrity. I believe people are basically good not bad, it is a matter of balance which if every individual looks within and questions what is truly good for all, we will then be universally better off.

Mental Health in UK

Isn’t it amazing and disgraceful that special help is now being given to the MP’s in the UK who are undergoing mental stress because they have been found out regarding their expense claims; didn’t they bring this upon themselves? There are too many people in the UK who are mentally ill through no fault of their own and who cannot get the help they need.
The NHS is failing in its responsibility to mental health patients, an average of 4 deaths per day are reported for those in NHS psychiatric care. Campaigners say that the high death rate showed that many of the hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people who seek help each year receive a second class service in the UK, also apart from the 4 deaths nearly 3 people per day are ending up seriously harmed. Although in recent years the NHS has reduced the number of suicides in psychiatric hospitals mentally ill people who have recently returned home are widely ignored with not enough visits to see if they are feeling suicidal.

Carers Live Longer

Researchers now say that those caring for a sick spouse with serious health problems are less likely to suffer an early death. Those who spent at least 14 hours a week providing care had a lower risk of dying prematurely. Now research suggests it can help people feel useful giving them a sense of purpose. Researchers at the University of Michigan tracked 3,376 men and women since 1990 and looked at those carers who died during that period of study. In my experience anything that gives someone a sense of purpose is good and 2 hours per day may well do that, but it is a different matter when caring for seriously ill loved ones at home is up to 24 hours per day as thousands are doing in the UK, perhaps another study should be made here.