Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Important Much More News- About Me Now

Those who read my website carers-healingspur.co.uk will know that for the past seven years my husband was diagnosed with dementia and was treated as a dementia patient also by me. Now his diagnosis has been changed and we are informed that he does not have dementia and has never had it he has not regressed over this period of time and has also passed his dementia tests. His new diagnosis is that his behaviour has been due to a minor stroke he had years ago causing Mild Cognitive Impairment, there is no evidence of when this stroke occurred but I can say it has been evident to me for many years but got worse as he aged. Because of his dementia diagnosis and the extremely difficult circumstances it caused for me at home for almost seven years he attended a day centre 3 days a week for those with dementia problems during which time he conveniently would occasionally accept he had dementia problems and other times would not. I suspect spending so much time with dementia patients he acquired many of the symptoms they had. I asked social workers several times if a place could be found at a different day centre where he could be encouraged to get a better sense of achievement but there was never a place available. I must add that the cost of his day centre increased over the years which was very difficult as although he had his small allowance, I have never had a carers allowance, the amount paid became up to £200 plus every ten days or so inclusive of his lifts there and back. Now because of his new diagnosis he is no longer eligible to go to a dementia day care centre and has at last been found a more suitable place 2 days a week at much less cost, one run by Age UK who I thank so much, and the other run by volunteers to whom I am very grateful indeed, the total cost now under £20 per week enabling me to proceed with an extension for a toilet, shower, and much needed facilities due to my husband’s incontinence and physical health, and my own health which has deteriorated over these years. My husband is slowly trying to improve his behaviour in some ways but sometimes finds it very difficult. After having spent seven years with dementia patients I believe some of his behaviour is habit, he has always said conveniently at times to those around him that he had dementia and at other times that he did not, no wonder he was confused. Socially he is the most likeable man anyone could meet, but people should bear in mind what happens behind closed doors is not always seen or known. Mild Cognitive Behaviour- M.C.I Not a lot is known about M.C.I and it is better to read about it on the link I publish below after reading this. MCI affects everyone who has it, individually and in different ways, thousands who have it never know it and work successfully and lead normal lives, because it affects the frontal lobes of the brain it does affect personality and can cause them to behave in an unusual manner it depends how severe it is. I would not describe some of my husband’s behaviour as mild by any means. M.C.I can over the years lead to Alzheimer’s disease but not necessarily so. There are many living with a partner or a family member who may recognise this condition and not understood it, and I believe it to possibly be the cause of many divorces, it is a little understood condition and there is much work to be done in understanding it and little treatment and help specially at this time of government cut backs. If anyone is living with someone with Mild Cognitive Impairment I will be pleased to hear from them, there are forums for Dementia but I see none for M.C.I I will be grateful for any information about it. I will continue to care for my husband’s physical health to the best of my ability, as with anyone I can only help him with his Mild Cognitive Impairment if he chooses to help himself using the choices he can still make. This new year promises to be a very busy year for me as I endeavour to make our home as comfortable and as secure with the facilities needed in order to keep my husband who is 89 yrs old this year out of hospital, or a care home, and provide the same for myself in my advancing years so we can both hopefully approach the end of our lives with dignity. Any other avenue seems to be less likely due to government cut backs, an inadequate health service, and the growth of a less caring society over the last decades. I will keep the history on carers-healingspur.co.uk and Lifes-mosaics blog, and Pals message board for a while till hopefully I can find the time to begin a new and interesting website for all, for now I wish you all Love, blessings, good health and strength in 2013 M.C.I- link http://alzheimers.org.uk/site/scripts/documents_info.php?documentID=120 Age UK http://www.ageuk.org.uk/

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